We live and serve in the passion of Jesus
Christ, His Church, and His Sacraments.

Life Teen là một phận sự trong nhóm giới trẻ của Giáo Xứ. Chúng con sống và phục vụ trong tình yêu của Chúa Giêsu, Giáo Hội, và các Bí Tích. Sứ mệnh của chúng con là để:

- Củng cố cho các em giới trẻ sống như là một tông đồ của Chúa
- Lôi cuốn các em vào đời sống, sứ mệnh, và hành động của Giáo Hội Công Giáo
- Nuôi dưỡng tinh thần cá nhân và tâm linh của các em


It benefits me just as much as the people I serve. There is no better feeling than knowing I’ve made a positive impact on another person’s life. It is my responsibil- ity, due to all of the privileges I have been given, to help those that are finding their way towards God. I have discovered my greatest strengths in serving others in Life Teen and LAST and my goal is lifting them up just as someone once did for me.  --Tuan Mai -- Life Teen Leader

People search out God in many different stages of their life, but generally like with most of friends and family... we only reach out to them when we need them the most. We like to be self-reliant and feel confident when we can accomplish goals and tasks on our own. However, God always finds a way to make his presence felt. Yes, he gave us the free will to make our own decisions, but he wants us to choose to love him instead of forcing us to love him. He wanted to teach us a lesson: in order to love, you must be willing to let go sometimes. It was during a very confusing time in my life where God revealed this lesson. For me, letting go was difficult; Personal grudges, anger and resentment can build up over time without even realizing it. Letting go meant that They would win, and I was too stubborn for that to happen. Despite my many flaws, God prepared the way for me to encounter people who would be true friends. True friends have the courage to look you in the face and challenge you; genuine friends tell you when you are wrong and show you how you can remedy the situation; real friends let go of the anger or bitterness of the situation, authentic friends try to understand what lead you to that decision, and lovingly forgive. God blessed me with these people in my life and it was by no accident that we met at church. I am not trying to sell you the idea that serving the church will solve all your problems, only this: Seek out that personal, caring relationship with God… Have genuine conversations with him about both your daily struggles and the bright mo- ments in life, because God wants to know you and it might be too late to ask for help when God calls us.

‘Lord, Lord, open the door for us!’ But he said in reply,  ‘Amen,  I say to you,  I do not know you. ‘Therefore, stay awake, for you know nei- ther the day nor the hour. —Matthew 25:1-13  --Martin Pham--Life Teen Leader 

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